Who uses your gravesite maintenance and beautification services, and why?

Our clients use our services for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Individuals who are grateful to visit their family members’ gravesites without the burden of maintenance tasks.
  • Seniors who are no longer able to tend to their loved ones’ graves.
  • Those who are uncomfortable visiting a cemetery, but find solace in knowing their loved ones are remembered.
  • Adults whose work schedules do not allow them time to care for their family members’ graves.
  • Friends and family members who live too far away to visit on a regular basis.
  • People who need a message or item delivered on a special day.

  • Isn’t the cemetery responsible for maintenance of gravesites?

    Cemeteries provide basic property maintenance such as

  • Mowing the grass.
  • Removing large branches.
  • Maintaining the roads.

  • However, most cemeteries will not perform individual gravesite tasks, such as weeding a site, maintaining the turf, cleaning headstones, mulching plantings, or trimming and edging grass. It is not practical for their landscaping crew to provide the level of attention that many families desire for their loved one’s final resting place.

    I pay for perpetual care so why do I need a separate grave tending service?

    Perpetual care (also known as endowed or permanent care) funds are used for general maintenance and repair of cemetery grounds.The family is responsible for caring for the headstone and keeping the gravesite neat and clean.

    How often do you provide care at a gravesite?

    Our service provides year-round visits, ensuring that the site is tidy and well-groomed at all times. Some individuals only request an annual clean-up of the site or watering during the growing season. You can determine what frequency fits your needs.

    Do you offer a discount to care for several gravesites that are located nearby or within the same cemetery?

    Yes, we offer discounts on family grounds and gravesites within.

    What do you mean by a light cleaning of the headstone?

    Water is generally all that is needed to clean a well-maintained headstone.
    That said, over time, lichen, moss, and mold can adhere to a stone marker. A non-ionic, biological cleaner can brighten up the stone and slow future growth.
    Pricing depends on the size and condition of the marker.
    This level of cleaning should only be necessary every few years.

    What do you deliver?

    We deliver fresh floral arrangements, ribbon-tied bouquets, potted plants, wreaths, grave blankets, cards, photos, or other items that you request. We do not deliver artificial flowers.

    What if the cemetery has restrictions?

    We check your cemetery’s rules and regulations before we place any flowers or other items at the site. You will be informed of any limitations that interfere with your request.

    Can you deliver a message for me?

    Yes. When we visit a gravesite as part of a care plan or floral delivery, we can read a verbal message, a poem, or a gravesite prayer. We also deliver written messages. Your written message will be kept private, in a sealed envelope.

    Can I select the day that you visit the grave?

    Yes. We understand that your loved ones need to be remembered on special days, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.
    If you would like us to visit on a national holiday, there will be an extra charge.

    Can you plant flowers, bulbs, or shrubs?

    We can provide any horticultural services or plantings that stay within the cemetery’s guidelines.

    Since I can’t go to the cemetery, how will I know you performed the services I requested?

    We provide you with a photograph taken at the site, either by email or text. We can also provide printed photos by mail for a small fee.

    I’m not sure of the exact location of the burial site. Can you find it for me?

    We will make every effort to locate your loved one’s grave with the information you have available. Most cemeteries maintain records that are very helpful. Providing us with the gravesite section and plot number is ideal. At a minimum, we need the name of the cemetery and the name on the headstone or marker. There will be an extra fee to locate non-specified grave locations.

    I haven’t been able to visit the gravesite for a long time. I don’t know if the headstone/monument is in disrepair or in need of cleaning.

    We will notify you if there are any condition problems. You will also be able to view the headstone or monument in the photograph we take at the site after maintenance visits and floral deliveries.

    Will you help with my pet’s memorial?

    Pets are a part of the family and are memorialized in many ways. Contact us to see how we can customize a care plan for your beloved pet’s gravesite.

    How do payments work?

    Annual care plans may be paid in full at the outset or billed on a quarterly basis.
    Floral deliveries must be paid in full before the delivery is made.
    Fees for garden design, installation, and maintenance will be determined on an individual basis.
    Payments can be made by personal cheque, mobile money, cash, debit or credit card.